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The Dbf2 protein kinase functions as part of the mitotic-exit network (MEN), which controls the inactivation of the Cdc28-Clb2 kinase in late mitosis [1]. The MEN includes the Tem1 GTP binding protein; the kinases Cdc15 and Cdc5; Mob1, a protein of unknown function; and the phosphatase Cdc14 [2]. Here we have used Dbf2 kinase activity to investigate the(More)
At the transition from meiosis to cleavage mitoses, Drosophila requires the cell cycle regulators encoded by the genes, giant nuclei (gnu), plutonium (plu) and pan gu (png). Embryos lacking Gnu protein undergo DNA replication and centrosome proliferation without chromosome condensation or mitotic segregation. We have identified the gnu gene encoding a novel(More)
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