Lisa M. Daniels

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There are few reports describing experimental models of the growth and metastasis of human breast carcinomas. This article discusses the tumorigenic and metastatic properties of two estrogen receptor-negative breast carcinomas injected into nude mice. Tumor growth in the mammary fatpad (m.f.p.) and the subcutis was compared in female nude mice. The(More)
Educators often struggle when teaching cellular and molecular processes because typically they have only two-dimensional tools to teach something that plays out in four dimensions. Learning research has demonstrated that visualizing processes in three dimensions aids learning, and animations are effective visualization tools for novice learners and aid with(More)
AbstrAct The North Dakota State University (NDSU) World Wide Web Instructional Committee (WWWIC) is an inter-disciplinary research team, which has, since the 1990s, developed multiuser , interactive virtual environments (IVEs) to teach the structure and process of various branches of science. The most developed of these include the " Geology Explorer " and(More)
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