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A new, approximate block Newton (ABN) method is derived and tested for the coupled solution of nonlinear models, each of which is treated as a modular, black box. Such an approach is motivated by a desire to maintain software flexibility without sacrificing solution efficiency or robustness. Though block Newton methods of similar type have been proposed and(More)
We present an overview of mathematical models and their large-scale numerical solution for simulating different phenomena and scales in melt and solution crystal growth. Samples of both classical analyses and state-of-the-art computations are presented. It is argued that the fundamental multi-scale nature of crystal growth precludes any one approach for(More)
A Schur complement formulation that utilizes a linear iterative solver is derived to solve a free-boundary, Stefan problem describing steady-state solidification via the Isotherm–Newton approach, which employs Newton's method to simultaneously and efficiently solve for both interface and field equations. This formulation is tested alongside more traditional(More)
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