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The effective control of tuberculosis (TB) has been thwarted by the need for prolonged, complex and potentially toxic drug regimens, by reliance on an inefficient vaccine and by the absence of biomarkers of clinical status. The promise of the genomics era for TB control is substantial, but has been hindered by the lack of a central repository that collects(More)
A consortium of investigators is engaged in a functional genomics project centered on the filamentous fungus Neurospora, with an eye to opening up the functional genomic analysis of all the filamentous fungi. The overall goal of the four interdependent projects in this effort is to accomplish functional genomics, annotation, and expression analyses of(More)
The Tuberculosis Database (TBDB) is an online database providing integrated access to genome sequence, expression data and literature curation for TB. TBDB currently houses genome assemblies for numerous strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) as well assemblies for over 20 strains related to MTB and useful for comparative analysis. TBDB stores pre- and(More)
Tularemia is a geographically widespread, severely debilitating, and occasionally lethal disease in humans. It is caused by infection by a gram-negative bacterium, Francisella tularensis. In order to better understand its potency as an etiological agent as well as its potential as a biological weapon, we have completed draft assemblies and report the first(More)
Despite the presence of quality mental health care in many communities, people tend to avoid seeking help and wind up languishing in their problems unnecessarily. For the professional to better understand how to reach these individuals, an information-processing model is presented that examines the effects of people’s interpretation of their environment and(More)
The decision to seek psychological help may be hindered or facilitated by many factors. Two potential factors that might facilitate help seeking are having a relationship with someone (a) who recommends seeking help or (b) who themselves have sought help. In two studies (N = 780, N = 746), we explored the relationship between these factors and intentions to(More)
Attachment working models of self and others may govern adults’ preferences for internal vs. external sources of reassurance, which, if unavailable, lead to depressive symptoms. This study examined a model in which the link between depressive symptoms and attachment anxiety is mediated by (a) capacity for self-reinforcement and (b) need for reassurance from(More)
Mouse submandibular glands were dissociated and the epithelial cells embedded in a collagen gel matrix. A characteristic and reproducible pattern of growth was seen resulting in three-dimensional outgrowths with ductlike structures projecting into the matrix. A sustained cell growth leading to a 5 to 10-fold increase in cell number was observed in less than(More)
OBJECTIVE This study attempted to predict participants' level of restrained eating using the following psychological variables: body dissatisfaction, negative affect, self-esteem, and perceived problem-solving ability. METHODS Because previous research relating to restrained eating has primarily focused on women between the ages of 18 and 25, women age 30(More)