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PKCβ and Plk1 are fascinating targets in cancer therapy. Therefore, we combined Enzastaurin targeting PKCβ and SBE13 targeting Plk1 to test synergistic effects in cells with different p53 status. We analyzed cell proliferation and apoptosis induction, and did Western blot and FACScan analyses to examine the combined PKCβ and Plk1 inhibition. p53-wild-type(More)
In the current study we examined the combination of SAHA and SBE13 in cancer and non-cancer cells. HeLa cells displayed a synergistically reduced cell proliferation, which was much weaker in hTERT-RPE1 or NIH-3T3 cells. Cell cycle distribution differed in HeLa, hTERT-RPE1 and NIH-3T3 cells. SAHA-treated HeLa cells showed slightly increasing cell numbers in(More)
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