Lisa L. Travis

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Previous work has shown that recasts may be contingent responses to children's early ungrammatically. On this basis, it has been claimed that recasts provide negative evidence, thereby offsetting the need for linguistic constraints in theories of acquisition. This study explores whether children exploit negative evidence putatively provided by recasts by(More)
Within the Austronesian family, many languages are classified as ergative (e.g., Samoan) or as having some ergative properties (e.g., Tagalog). For one particular language to exhibit some but not all of the characteristics of ergativity is problematic for an ergativity macroparameter. The same issue arises when looking at these languages from an accusative(More)
Cross-linguistically, definiteness is signalled in a variety of ways besides articles. For example, definiteness may be signalled by the syntactic position, grammatical role, and/or the case marking of the NP. Characterizing the link between these morphosyntactic factors and the definiteness of an NP has been a persistant issue for both syntacticians and(More)
It has long been observed that both the meaning and the form of a verb play a role in determining the syntactic configurations in which this verb is found. For example, give, but not donate or wash, is used in the double-object construction: I gave/*donated/*washed Mary a car. The contrast has been attributed in part to morphophonological properties, like(More)
As health care requirements change, nurses will not only have to process and communicate more information, but the nature and types of this information will dramatically change as well. It is imperative that nurses understand the potential information technologies offer to assist the nurse in this expanded role. This paper describes an innovative endeavor(More)
* Many thanks to Genara Banzon and Marivic Mapa for their help with the Tagalog facts; thanks, too, to Edith Aldridge, Elena Anagnostopoulou, Cedric Boeckx, Seth Cable, Sandy Chung, Sam Epstein, Steve Franks, Grant Goodall, Norbert Hornstein, Raph Mercado, Andrew Nevins, David Pesetsky, Milan Rezac, Lisa Travis, and audiences at MIT, AFLA 12, and Mayfest(More)