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This article provides a comprehensive review of the research on smoking and body weight. The relationships between smoking and body weight are evaluated in 70 cross-sectional and longitudinal investigations. The mechanisms responsible for differences in body weight are discussed, the weight-related issues that promote smoking behavior are reviewed, methods(More)
The effects of television viewing on resting energy expenditure (metabolic rate) in obese and normal-weight children were studied in a laboratory setting. Subjects were 15 obese children and 16 normal-weight children whose ages ranged from 8 to 12 years. All subjects had two measured of resting energy expenditure obtained while at rest and one measurement(More)
The purpose of the current investigation was to determine the dietary, physical activity, family history, and demographic predictors of relative weight change in a cohort of 146 children over a 3-year period. Results indicated that boys of normal-weight parents or who had only one parent overweight showed decreases in their body mass index (BMI) while those(More)
Dietary, activity, and body weight differences in high- and low-restrained eaters and the independent impact of dietary restraint on body weight change were evaluated in 287 adults (141 men, 146 women) followed over a 1-year period. Analyses of measures of energy intake, physical activity, and dietary restraint indicated that high-restrained eaters did not(More)
OBJECTIVE Black adults consistently exhibit higher rates of and poorer health outcomes due to cardiovascular disease (CVD) than other racial groups, independent of differences in socioeconomic status (SES). Whether factors related to health care access can further explain racial disparities in CVD has not been thoroughly examined. METHOD Using logistic(More)
BACKGROUND It is well documented that the results of most behavioral and health promotion studies have not been translated into practice. PURPOSE In this article, reasons for this gap, focusing on study design characteristics as a central contributing barrier, are discussed. METHODS Four reviews of recent controlled studies in work sites, health care,(More)
Recent studies have shown that smokers' intake of caffeine is higher than nonsmokers. This investigation evaluated the relationships between smoking status and self-reported caffeine intake from both coffee and tea. Subjects were adults who participated in the Second National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES II). Results indicated that(More)
OBJECTIVES This study described the prevalence and characteristics of financial difficulty acquiring food and its relation to nutritional biomarkers in older disabled women. METHODS Baseline data were analyzed from the Women's Health and Aging Study, a population-based survey of 1002 community-dwelling, disabled women 65 years and older from Baltimore,(More)
Current public health and medical evidence rely heavily on efficacy information to make decisions regarding intervention impact. This evidence base could be enhanced by research studies that evaluate and report multiple indicators of internal and external validity such as Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance (RE-AIM) as well as(More)
In a prospective study, we evaluated familial aggregation of blood pressure in a sample of 175 normotensive families with children 3 to 6 yr old. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements of parents and children were correlated at 1, 2, and 3 yr intervals. Spearman rank-order correlation coefficients between parents and children were significant(More)