Lisa Keifer

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Studies of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination (ADME) have long been recognized as important in the evaluation of the pharmacological efficacy of pharmaceutical agents. In recent years, the importance of ADME studies in toxicology also has become increasingly apparent. In realization of the importance of ADME studies, regulatory agencies(More)
A synthetic procedure for the preparation of imidazolidinediones by the base-catalyzed cyclization of propargylureas is described. This method appears to be the most versatile way of obtaining these compounds containing tertiary groups substituted on ring-nitrogen number 3. One of these derivatives, 3-tert-butyl-5,5-dimethyl-2,4-imidazolidinedione (1a), has(More)
172 Background: To date, process-related outcomes dominate the landscape of the measurement of quality of oncologic care. Use of patient-reported outcomes has the potential to enhance value-based performance measurement. We performed a pilot study of integrating patient-reported data (PRD), into the daily work-flow of outpatient oncology clinics in an(More)
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