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During animal development, the HOM-C/HOX proteins direct axial patterning by regulating region-specific expression of downstream target genes. Though much is known about these pathways, significant questions remain regarding the mechanisms of specific target gene recognition and regulation, and the role of co-factors. From our studies of the gnathal and(More)
Genetic causes of steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome are being increasingly recognized. Mutations in NPHS2, which encodes the glomerular protein podocin, account for up to 17% of sporadic and 40% of familial cases, where they display an autosomal-recessive pattern of inheritance. This report describes a non-consanguineous family with three generations of(More)
Though initially identified as necessary for neural migration, Disconnected and its partially redundant paralog, Disco-related, are required for proper head segment identity during Drosophila embryogenesis. Here, we present evidence that these genes are also required for proper ventral appendage development during development of the adult fly, where they(More)
We report two families with a variable presentation in association with a KRIT1 mutation. The index patient in Family 1 was a 9-year old girl who presented with left hemi-dystonia and a cerebral cavernous malformation was identified in the right lentiform nucleus. The maternal grandmother presented with a spinal cavernoma, which was operated at 35-years of(More)
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