Lisa K. Elon

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BACKGROUND Inorganic mercury is toxic to the nervous system, kidneys, and reproductive system. We studied the health effects of mercury exposure among former employees of a chloralkali plant that operated from 1955 to 1994 in Georgia. METHODS Former plant workers and unexposed workers from nearby employers were studied. Exposure was assessed with a(More)
BACKGROUND There has never been a nationally representative survey of medical students' personal health-related practices, although they are inherently of interest and may affect students' patient-counseling practices. METHODS To determine basic health practices and status, a survey was conducted of medical students (n =2316 individuals responding to > or(More)
Little is known about predictors of physicians' personal or clinical compliance with breast cancer screening recommendations. We explored this in 4501 respondents to the Women Physicians' Health Study, a questionnaire-based study of a representative sample of U.S. women M. D.s. Overall, 21% of women physicians performed breast self-examination (BSE) at(More)
Text4baby was launched in 2010 to promote healthy pregnancies and babies by the use of text messaging. The primary objective of this study was to assess factors related to the enrollment process and reception of text4baby. A prospective cohort study was conducted in two Women, Infant and Children clinics in Atlanta (April 2010–July 2011). Randomly selected(More)
RATIONALE Alcohol use disorders cause oxidative stress in the lower airways and increase susceptibility to pneumonia and lung injury. Currently, no therapeutic options exist to mitigate the pulmonary consequences of alcoholism. OBJECTIVES We recently determined in an animal model that alcohol ingestion impairs pulmonary zinc metabolism and causes alveolar(More)
BACKGROUND Women physicians may have a multiplicity of domestic roles (eg, cook, housekeeper, child care provider) that are of inherent interest and that may affect their professional lives, but are largely unstudied. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, AND MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES We report data from respondents (N = 4501) to the Women Physicians' Health Study,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine which factors affect alcohol counselling practices among medical students. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING Nationally representative medical schools (n=16) in the United States. PARTICIPANTS Medical students who graduated in 2003. INTERVENTIONS Questionnaires were completed (response rate 83%) at the start of students' first year(More)
BACKGROUND The extent to which female physicians personally and clinically adhere to dietary recommendations is unknown and has implications for patients. OBJECTIVES We aimed to identify US female physicians' personal and professional nutrition- and weight-related habits and to identify which, if any, of their personal habits predicted their clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand predictors of medical students' prevention counseling practices. METHODS We surveyed medical students (n=2316 individuals) in the Class of 2003 at freshman orientation, and again at entrance to wards and senior year in a nationally representative sample of 16 US medical schools (response rate=80.3%). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES(More)
OBJECTIVES The Women Physicians' Health Study (WPHS) offers a unique opportunity to examine the counseling and screening practices of women physicians. The objectives of this study were to: describe the prevalence of self-reported smoking cessation counseling among primary care women physicians and determine the association between physician demographic,(More)