Lisa J. Hollis

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Poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy can alter postnatal phenotype and increase susceptibility to adult cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. However, underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. Here, we show that maternal low protein diet (LPD), fed exclusively during mouse preimplantation development, leads to offspring with increased weight from(More)
An important part of the initial assessment of children presenting with congenital nasal masses is to exclude an intracranial extension using either magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) imaging. We present three patients with such lesions in which unusual radiological findings were noted as part of the investigations.
Pharyngeal perforation is an uncommon injury in children. Most reported cases to date have been secondary to instrumentation or penetrating wounds. Laceration to the pharyngeal wall may introduce air, secretions and bacteria into the parapharyngeal space and mediastinum and consequently has potentially life-threatening sequelae. The management of these(More)
Suboptimal maternal nutrition and body composition are implicated in metabolic disease risk in adult offspring. We hypothesized that modest disruption of glucose homeostasis previously observed in young adult sheep offspring from ewes of a lower body condition score (BCS) would deteriorate with age, due to changes in skeletal muscle structure and insulin(More)
BACKGROUND Pain relief after tonsillectomy is an important part of post-operative management. Sometimes local anaesthetics are administed to the tonsillar region, but their effectiveness in relieving pain has not been formally assessed. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of pre- and post-operative local anaesthesia for pain reduction following(More)
Recurrent epistaxes after head injury may rarely be due to a traumatic intracavernous carotid artery pseudoaneurysm. The head injury is usually associated with fracture of the skull base and the epistaxes are severe with the first episode generally occurring one to three months after the initial trauma. We present a case which illustrates the role of high(More)
Wegener's granulomatosis is a multi-system disease characterized by granuloma formation and a necrotizing vasculitis. It classically presents with involvement of the upper and lower respiratory and renal systems. However locoregional disease is common and may include otological manifestations. Facial nerve palsy has been reported during the course of the(More)
Seven of the most commonly used tracheostomy tubes used in the UK were tested for cuff herniation and creasing in synthetic tracheas corresponding to the shapes and sizes found in vivo. Results demonstrated that only two tubes of one particular brand herniated and that creasing occurred in tubes disproportionately large for the trachea used. A discussion of(More)
Antral puncture and lavage through the inferior meatus is a minor but common otolaryngological procedure, usually performed under local anaesthesia. We describe a new method of introducing local anaesthetic into the inferior meatus, via the use of a soft intravenous cannula connected to a syringe containing 10 per cent cocaine paste. We have called this new(More)