Lisa J. Graham

Brandon J Downey2
Jeffrey F Breit2
Rod J. Ray1
John M. Baumann1
2Brandon J Downey
2Jeffrey F Breit
1Rod J. Ray
1John M. Baumann
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  • Dan E. Dobry, Dana M. Settell, John M. Baumann, Rod J. Ray, Lisa J. Graham, Ron A. Beyerinck
  • 2009
Solid amorphous dispersions are frequently used to improve the solubility and, thus, the bioavailability of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Spray-drying, a well-characterized pharmaceutical unit operation, is ideally suited to producing solid amorphous dispersions due to its rapid drying kinetics. This paper describes a novel(More)
Online monitoring of viable cell volume (VCV) is essential to the development, monitoring, and control of bioprocesses. The commercial availability of steam-sterilizable dielectricspectroscopy probes has enabled successful adoption of this technology as a key noninvasive method to measure VCV for cell-culture processes. Technological challenges still exist,(More)
  • Lisa J Graham, Jeffrey F Breit, Lynn A Davis, Corey C Dow-Hygeland, Brandon J Downey
  • 2013
Cell physiology dynamically affects the nutrient requirements of a culture. It is critical to obtain data over appropriate time intervals to assess the impact of process conditions on the cell population. By optimizing bioreactor operation, feed strategies and media composition , we can limit the number of experiments to obtain the empirical data sets. For(More)
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