Lisa J. Graham

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Solid amorphous dispersions are frequently used to improve the solubility and, thus, the bioavailability of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Spray-drying, a well-characterized pharmaceutical unit operation, is ideally suited to producing solid amorphous dispersions due to its rapid drying kinetics. This paper describes a novel(More)
Online monitoring of viable cell volume (VCV) is essential to the development, monitoring, and control of bioprocesses. The commercial availability of steam-sterilizable dielectricspectroscopy probes has enabled successful adoption of this technology as a key noninvasive method to measure VCV for cell-culture processes. Technological challenges still exist,(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this project was to develop operational criteria to "close the ED waiting room". METHODS A prospective, staff-based participatory research model was used. Nurses at an urban ED with 70,000 visits attended a four-hour workshop concerning ED overcrowding. The workshops consisted of two parts, (1) educational sessions that(More)
Cell physiology dynamically affects the nutrient requirements of a culture. It is critical to obtain data over appropriate time intervals to assess the impact of process conditions on the cell population. By optimizing bioreactor operation, feed strategies and media composition, we can limit the number of experiments to obtain the empirical data sets. For(More)
Background Real-time bioprocess monitoring is fundamental for maximizing yield, improving efficiency and process reproducibility, minimizing costs, optimizing product quality, and full understanding of how a system works. The FDA’s Process Analytical Technology initiative (PAT) encourages bioprocess workflows to operate under systems that provide timely,(More)
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