Lisa J. Gillie

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The anoxic, alkaline hydrolysis of cellulosic materials generates a range of cellulose degradation products (CDP) including α and β forms of isosaccharinic acid (ISA) and is expected to occur in radioactive waste disposal sites receiving intermediate level radioactive wastes. The generation of ISA's is of particular relevance to the disposal of these wastes(More)
Macroporous TaON (mac-TaON) is prepared using polymer sphere templating and controlled ammonolysis. In contrast to typical powder synthesis, which gives the β polymorph, mac-TaON is a mixture of β and γ polymorphs. mac-TaON shows twice the activity for photocatalytic hydrogen generation in comparison to mac-TaON when normalised for surface area.
This work reports a novel approach to the assessment of the surface properties of compacts used in Surface Dissolution Imaging (SDI). SDI is useful for determining intrinsic dissolution rate (IDR), an important parameter in early stage drug development. Surface topography, post-compaction and post-SDI run, have been measured using a non-contact, optical,(More)
Underlying recognition phenomena in multi-component self-assembly processes can be exploited for the site-specific inclusion of different metal ions into polymetallic arrays. In the field of metallosupramolecular chemistry this is typically accomplished by programming either (i) the denticity of or (ii) the nature of the donor atoms in the binding sites of(More)
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