Lisa J. Burton

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— A mobile system's maneuverability describes the scale and span of the velocities with which it can move. In this paper, we present a new geometric framework for describing the maneuverability of kinematic locomoting systems, inspired by the manipulability analysis of robotic arms. This framework describes both the local maneuverability in the neighborhood(More)
Neuro-sensory systems are critical for integrating environmental stimuli and providing a framework for resolving decision-making tasks. Remarkably, the molecular mechanisms mediating transduction of sensory information in neu-rons are also found in other cellular tissues, including sperm. One mechanism facilitating such behavior is a sperm's ability to(More)
We present the results of a recent collaboration between scientists, engineers and chefs. Two particular devices are developed, both inspired by natural phenomena reliant on surface tension. The cocktail boat is a drink accessory, a self-propelled edible boat powered by alcohol-induced surface tension gradients, whose propulsion mechanism is analogous to(More)
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