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The JC virus (JCV) regulatory proteins, large T antigen, small t antigen, T'135, T'136, and T'165, are encoded by five transcripts alternatively spliced from the viral early precursor mRNA. T antigen and the T' proteins share N-terminal amino acid sequences that include the L x CxE and J domains, motifs in SV40 T antigen known to mediate binding to the(More)
BACKGROUND Stress is commonly experienced by many people and it is a contributing factor to many mental and physical health conditions, However, few efforts have been made to develop and test the effects of interventions for stress. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the effects of a Web-based stress-reduction intervention on stress,(More)
The JC virus early mRNA is alternatively spliced to yield five transcripts that encode large T antigen, small t antigen, T'(135), T'(136), and T'(165). The splicing process is regulated differentially in transformed versus lytically infected cells and temporally during the course of a productive infection. The authors have identified a potential exonic(More)
BACKGROUND While efficacy of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) has been demonstrated in a number of prior studies, little is known about the effects of SKY taught as part of the Your Enlightened Side (YES+) workshop designed for college students and other young adults. AIMS This study aimed to assess the effects of YES+, a yogic breathing-based life skills(More)
Acronym Definition CBT cognitive behavioral therapy cLBP chronic low back pain CNS central nervous system CSF cerebrospinal fluid IC interstitial cystitis ICs Institutes and Centers IL interleukin IOM Institute of Medicine IPRP Interagency Pain Research Portfolio NIH National Institutes of Health OA osteoarthritis SNI spared nerve injury TMD(More)
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