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This retrospective study was conducted to analyze the recurrence of ear lobe keloids in 36 patients after surgical excision followed by radiation therapy. In all the cases keloids were excised and the surgical wound closed primarily. Following surgery, patients underwent 1800 cGy of radiation therapy in three equally divided doses over five to seven days.(More)
Subchronic toxicities of ClO2, NaClO2, NaClO3 and NH2Cl were studied in the African Green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops). The chemicals were administered in drinking water during 30-60 days subchronic rising dose protocols. The only unexpected and significant toxic effect was elicited by ClO2; this chemical inhibited thyroid metabolism in the animals at a(More)
The Queensland Telepaediatric Service (QTS) was established in the year 2000 to deliver a broad range of paediatric specialist health services from the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) in Brisbane, mainly via videoconference. During a 13-year study period, the QTS facilitated 18,949 video consultations, comprising Mental Health (42%), Medicine (30%), Surgery(More)
BACKGROUND To report the 5 and 3 year results of photorefractive keratectomy for -1 to -6 D of myopia and less than 1.50 D astigmatism. METHODS All eyes were treated with a VISX 20/20 excimer laser with an ablation diameter of 5 mm. Our initial series of 133 eyes were treated in four groups: IIA, IIB, III and III No Nitrogen and reported on previously(More)
A 14-day-old infant received intravenous lidocaine (2 mg X kg-1) at the conclusion of cataract surgery to prevent coughing from tracheal tube stimulation. Within 30 seconds the infant developed high-grade AV heart block and a ventricular rate of 40. Following brief resuscitation efforts, the patient had a normal cardiac rhythm, blood pressure and(More)
We developed a computer-bases system to detect inappropriate use of the clinical laboratory and tested a program of physician education to reduce overutilization. We modified the hospital laboratory's computerized reporting system to identify medical patients with three or more determinations of lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) or calcium during the preceding(More)
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