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While it is widely acknowledged that economic growth is now dependent on the realisation of a knowledge based economy, there remains much confusion as to how this is realised. Effective management of knowledge is endorsed as an essential element for organisational survival and competitive advantage, yet again, the ways in which knowledge moves through(More)
  • L A Beesley
  • 1987
The author describes the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident in which her husband, a family practitioner, sustained a life-threatening brain injury just over two years ago. The period of rehabilitation was long and painful for everyone involved, and made the more distressing by lack of a rehabilitative program for profoundly injured physicians who(More)
Decisions based on market segmentation, target market selection and product positioning are among the most critical strategic choices made within any organisation (Dover 2000). It is widely accepted that utilisation and management of knowledge that would underpin such decisions is that which will give organisations a competitive edge (Argote, 2000; Von(More)
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