Lisa F. Edge

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We demonstrate a hybrid device architecture where the charge states in a double quantum dot (DQD) formed in a Si/SiGe heterostructure are read out using an on-chip superconducting microwave cavity. A quality factor Q1⁄4 5400 is achieved by selectively etching away regions of the quantum well and by reducing photon losses through low-pass filtering of the(More)
We report experimental data comparing aggressively scaled SiGe channel extremely thin SOI MOSFETs with either relaxed or strained channels. The analysis clearly demonstrates that without strain, SiGe channel delivers performance comparable with relaxed Si devices. Significantly higher performance is observed only in compressively strained SiGe channel(More)
We show a new Ge channel ion implantation scheme for realization of low-V<inf>TH</inf> pFET, which enables &#x223C;500mV V<inf>TH</inf> lowering with no T<inf>inv</inf>, GIDL and NBTI degradations. We also reveal the physical origin of the large V<inf>TH</inf> modulation. Based on experimental findings, we propose simplified photo-resist masked dual(More)
The inversion-layer capacitance <i>C</i><sub>inv</sub> of electrons in high-<i>k</i>/metal gate stacks (HKMGs) is studied theoretically and experimentally from the viewpoint of the penetration of electrons into the dielectrics. The numerical calculation of <i>C</i><sub>inv</sub> in the dielectric/substrate bilayer structure has clarified the influence of(More)
We report partially depleted silicon-on-insulator p-channel field-effect transistors fabricated with a 32-nm technology ground rule and featuring SiGe raised source/drain, SiGe channel, and implant-free extension formation process. A respectable drive current of 950 &#x03BC;A/&#x03BC;m is obtained at an OFF current of 100 nA/&#x03BC;m, V<sub>DD</sub> = 1V,(More)
We investigate the determining mechanisms of the inversion-layer capacitance C<sub>inv</sub> in the high-k/metal gate stacks, focusing on the two perturbative effects related with the dielectric properties. Those effects are the penetration of inversion-layer carriers into the dielectrics with a finite potential barrier and the image potential acting on the(More)
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