Lisa F. Clark

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The aim of this study was to uncover the meaning of the lived experience of mutual suffering in relation to the care of a dying patient. The study took place within an acute medical ward in a district general hospital on the south coast of England as part of a reflective practice development programme. Parse's human becoming theory provided a framework for(More)
Evoked electric responses of the auditory cortex of unanesthetized cats were studied by averaging techniques which enable us to detect responses in high-level background activity without sacrificing bandwidth. The results suggest that previous studies on evoked responses from behaving animals that are based upon ink-written electroencephalographic displays(More)
As healthcare continues to become technology-based, so too does the potential for increased governmental regulation of mobile health (m-health). "M-health" is a broad term that applies to hardware or software that is mobile and delivers healthcare wirelessly. M-health includes consumer- and provider-oriented medical applications (apps), such as weight(More)
The standard term of a patent is 20 years from the date of filing. However, the time required for a pharmaceutical product to pass through research and development, and clinical trials to obtain regulatory approval can often be more than 10 years. This effectively shortens the life of the patent leaving the patentee with little or no monopoly over the(More)
Decisions emerging from regulatory systems for innovative technologies carrying a degree of unknown, future risk are often claimed to be based on scientific evidence generated through reproducible and repeatable sets of rules and standard operating procedures. Basing riskassessment procedures on scientific calculations of the probability of risk of harm at(More)
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