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Despite widespread availability of HAART, opportunistic illnesses (OIs) still occur and result in an increased risk of mortality among persons with AIDS. We estimated the incidence of OIs among all new adult AIDS cases in New York City in 2000 overall and in demographic and clinical subgroups and identified factors associated with occurrence of an(More)
Amid a political agenda for patient-centred healthcare, shared decision-making is reported to substantially improve patient experience, adherence to treatment and health outcomes. However, observational studies have shown that shared decision-making is rarely implemented in practice. The purpose of this study was to measure the prevalence of shared(More)
Increasingly, patients are making complaints to state licensing boards and filing lawsuits against healthcare providers alleging sexual misconduct. This article addresses the risk management implications of patient allegations of sexual misconduct involving inappropriate touching by healthcare providers during an examination or treatment. From a risk(More)
In 1996, a national objective was established to reduce the rate of fatal accidents in aviation. To assist in determining the best methods for improving aircraft crash survivability, a combined approach was used involving database research and the examination of case studies of transport aviation accidents. The results of the study include recommendations(More)
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