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Over the past three decades, Sandia National Laboratories has developed and applied a performance assessment (PA) methodology that has informed key decisions concerning radioactive waste management. This experience includes not only the WIPP and Yucca Mountain projects, but also the initial development and demonstration of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory(More)
A previous observation that adrenalectomized (ADX) rats were more anorectic and lost more weight than intact controls when treated with the serotonergic agent, d,l-fenfluramine, was confirmed using a high dose of the more selective d-enantiomer, dexfenfluramine (DFEN). However, ADX rats were not more anorectic than intact controls to a lower dose of DFEN.(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the amount of thoracic segmental flexion associated with cervical forward bending. Twenty-four healthy men and women between the ages of 21-29, with no past or present cervical or thoracic dysfunction, participated. Spinal segmental mobility in the thoracic region was measured in the neutral sitting position and(More)
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