Lisa D Locke

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Many state domestic violence intervention standards mandate that treatment for offenders should be separate from any treatment offered to victims. In this article we advocate that in cases of low-level violence, when couples choose to remain together, certain aspects of treatment should be offered conjointly. Specifically, our feedback from victims and(More)
A model of an unstable femoral neck fracture was used in this study to compare the axial and torsional displacement obtained when the neck was fixed by a compression hip screw (CHS) and side plate, or three Knowles pins. Six paired, embalmed femora were mounted on a special, custom-made jig that grasped the femoral head and shaft securely. A standardized(More)
In this study we examined clients' perceptions of live supervision and their satisfaction with therapy in a university-based training clinic for marriage and family therapists. A total of 108 clients completed the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire-8 and a modified version of the Purdue Live Observation Satisfaction Scale. Clients' comments on the advantages(More)
The design of substrate integrated waveguide couplers for adaptive receiver applications employing tapered slot antennas is presented. Two different 20 dB couplers are designed on low-permittivity substrate, and their performances are verified by commercially available field solvers. For an incident plane wave, the systems of antenna and couplers are(More)
Prototype D size lithium ion cells containing the Army 1 M LiPF/sub 6/ 1EC:1DMC:1EMC electrolyte have been demonstrated to operate at -30/spl deg/C. With greater than 73% of the initial capacity at 20/spl deg/C. The cell with Army electrolyte operates at higher voltage and higher energy density across the temperature ranges and at various rates. When the(More)
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