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OBJECTIVE Cabergoline therapy normalizes prolactin levels and reduces the size of macroprolactinomas. However there are no data indicating whether cabergoline can normalize growth hormone secretion in patients who were growth hormone deficient at the time of diagnosis of a macroprolactinoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We studied nine patients with biochemical(More)
The treatment of ovarian cancer principally relies on the use of platinum and taxane chemotherapeutic agents. Short-term clinical results have been encouraging, but long-term responses remain limited. In this report, an in vitro assay system that utilizes cells grown from human tumor explants has been used to quantitatively evaluate responses to relevant(More)
AIMS To determine whether software processing of digitised retinal images using a "sharpen" filter improves the ability to grade diabetic retinopathy. METHODS 150 macula centred retinal images were taken as 35 mm colour transparencies representing a spectrum of diabetic retinopathy, digitised, and graded in random order before and after the application of(More)
We compared digital retinal images and 35 mm colour transparencies taken with the Canon CR5 retinal camera for the detection and grading of diabetic retinopathy in a clinical setting, in a randomized, blinded study of diabetic patients with a spectrum of severity of diabetic retinopathy. Forty patients were photographed, giving a total of 75 eyes including(More)
Isolation and growth of malignant cells from solid tumors have often met with disappointing results. Consequently, we have developed a cell culture methodology based on ex vivo explantation of tumor tissue, with subsequent monolayer cell outgrowth. In an attempt to assess methods for detection of malignant cells in these cultures, we analyzed and compared(More)
Retinal photography is an adjunct to ophthalmoscopy in screening for diabetic retinopathy (DR). Digital retinal cameras allow a retinal image to be displayed immediately on a high resolution video display monitor. We conducted a pilot study to investigate the agreement in retinopathy grading from digitized images in comparison to original colour(More)
The introduction of the Canon CR5 45NM non-mydriatic retinal camera with the Frost Medical Software RIS-Lite digital imaging system provides a new screening tool for diabetic retinopathy with potential for remote diagnosis and telemedicine. This paper presents a description and early evaluation of the system.
Tissue factor, the cellular receptor for factor VII/VIIa, activates both the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways of blood coagulation. In this analysis we have used DNase I footprinting to map the sites of protein-DNA interaction along the promoter (-383 to +8) using nuclear extracts prepared from uninduced and lipopolysaccharide-induced THP-1 cells. We have(More)
BACKGROUND The biological efficacy of, and spectrum of action of, agents used in treatment of breast cancer are important issues in therapy planning. MATERIALS AND METHODS Techniques used involve monolayer culture and a quantitative microtiter plate-based chemo-response assay. Precision Therapeutics' overall assessability rate is 90% for tumors of all(More)