Lisa Costley

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Eight patients in the chronic progressive stage of multiple sclerosis were studied prospectively with magnetic resonance imaging of the head and neurological examination every 2 weeks for 6 months. There were no clinical relapses and disability ratings did not change between the start and completion of the study. Despite the clinical inactivity, a total of(More)
Johnston, MJ, Cook, CJ, Drake, D, Costley, L, Johnston, JP, and Kilduff, LP. The neuromuscular, biochemical, and endocrine responses to a single-session vs. double-session training day in elite athletes. J Strength Cond Res 30(11): 3098-3106, 2016-The aim of this study was to compare the acute neuromuscular, biochemical, and endocrine responses of a(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of the study were to investigate the number of familiarisation sessions required to establish reliability of the bounce drop jump (BDJ) and subsequent reliability once familiarisation is achieved. METHOD Seventeen trained male athletes completed 4 BDJs in 4 separate testing sessions. Force-time data from a 20 cm BDJ was obtained using(More)
OBJECTIVES Athletes are often required to undertake multiple training sessions on the same day with these sessions needing to be sequenced correctly to allow the athlete to maximize the responses of each session. We examined the acute effect of strength and speed training sequence on neuromuscular, endocrine, and physiological responses over 24h. DESIGN(More)
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