Lisa Brandes

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A point mutation of the GluRdelta2 (A654T) glutamate receptor subunit converts it into a functional channel, and a spontaneous mutation at this site is thought to be responsible for the neurodegeneration of neurons in the Lurcher mouse. This mutation is located in a hydrophobic region of the M3 domain of this subunit, and this alanine is conserved(More)
Escherichia coli JM103 carrying the expression plasmid pMTC48, repressor plasmid pRK248, and protection plasmid pEcoR4 was grown in a 60-L working volume airlift tower loop reactor on M9 minimal medium. Production of fusion protein SpA::EcoRI was induced by a temperature shift from 30 to 38 (optimum), 40, or 42 degrees C. The following parameters were(More)
A flow injection analysis (FIA) system was developed for the determination of cytoplasmic beta-galactosidase activity in recombinant Escherichia coli. The FIA system and its application for on-line monitoring of beta-galactosidase production during cultivation of recombinant E. coli in a 60-l airlift tower loop reactor is described. The results demonstrate(More)
Single and multisensor field effect transistors (FET) with a pH-sensitive Si/SiO2/Si3N4/Ta2O5-gate and reference electrode (for single sensor) were developed and used for manufacturing the following biological (Bio)-FETs: for glucose analysis, glucose oxidase-FET (GOD-FET); for urea analysis, urease-FET; and for cephalosporin C analysis,(More)
Despite theoretical risks based on animal models given high intravenous doses, glucosamine/chondroitin (1500 mg/1200 mg daily) does not adversely affect short-term glycemic control for patients whose diabetes is well-controlled, or for those without diabetes or glucose intolerance (SOR: A, consistent, good-quality patient-oriented evidence). Some(More)
The copy numbers of the expression plasmids (pRTF309+ and pMTC48), the repression plasmids (pcI857 and pRK248cI) and the protection plasmid (pEcoR4) in recombinant E. coli JM103 were investigated. In the absence of the protection plasmid, the copy number of the expression plasmid dropped; in its presence, the copy numbers of the expression plasmids(More)
SPA::EcoRI fusion protein was produced by Escherichia coli JM103 carrying the multicopy expression plasmid pMTC48, the multicopy repressor plasmid pRK248, and the multicopy protection plasmid pEcoR4 in a 60-L working volume airlift tower loop reactor on M9 minimal medium with glucose. Cell mass concentration, total cell count, number of colony-forming(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the cellular processes involved in the formation of the cytoarchitectonics of the retina. Neurons derived from the retina, spinal cord, cerebral cortex and hippocampus were grown in dissociated monolayer tissue culture using standard techniques. The cultures of retina were unique in that the neurons actively(More)
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