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BACKGROUND Loneliness is a significant concern among the elderly, particularly in societies with rapid growth in aging populations. Loneliness may influence cognitive function, but the exact nature of the association between loneliness and cognitive function is poorly understood. The purpose of this systematic review was to synthesize current findings on(More)
Study findings suggest that college women practice diet and health behaviors that contradict the 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. To confirm this hypothesis, the authors surveyed the diet, exercise, and health habits of 60 female students enrolled in three university aerobics courses. They measured height and weight to calculate body mass index (BMI)(More)
PURPOSE This study assessed the effectiveness of animal-assisted activities (AAA) on biobehavioral stress responses (anxiety, positive and negative affect, and salivary cortisol and C-reactive protein [CRP] levels) in hospitalized children. DESIGN AND METHODS This was a randomized, controlled study. METHOD Forty-eight participants were randomly assigned(More)
Estrogen and testosterone may influence cognition in older adults, but the relationship between sex hormones and cognitive function is complex. The aim of this systematic review is to examine the role of sex hormones in cognitive function among older adults. A comprehensive, electronic review of literature was performed. Inclusion criteria were original(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe two patient outcomes post-discharge from an acute hospital admission. Both patients underwent cognitive testing during hospitalization. METHODS A battery of cognitive tests was administered to two hospitalized older adult patients. Both patients were evaluated in their homes within 72 hours of discharge and again at 14- and 30-days(More)
Cognitive development in early childhood and cognitive preservation in older adulthood are critical for leading healthy life. Social engagement can significantly affect cognition, but their relationships are unclear. The purpose of this review was to synthesize current findings on the relationship between social engagement and cognition in early childhood(More)
BACKGROUND Meals on Wheels' clients are at risk for spiritual pain due to advanced age, social isolation, and failing health. They are also prone to stress, depression, and loneliness, placing them at risk for adverse biological disruptions and health outcomes. The purpose of the study was to examine associations of spiritual pain with psychosocial factors(More)
The Braden Scale for Pressure Sore Risk(©) is a screening tool to determine overall risk of pressure ulcer development and estimate severity of specific risk factors for individual residents. Nurses often use the Braden nutrition subscale to screen nursing home (NH) residents for nutritional risk, and then recommend a more comprehensive nutritional(More)
BACKGROUND Estrogen and testosterone may influence cognitive function in the older adult, but the relationship between sex hormones and cognitive function is complex. AIM To examine associations of sex hormones and cognitive function among older adults ≥65 years old. METHODS Using a cross-sectional research design, data were collected once from 71(More)