Lisa Bodner

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A physical examination procedure was used to evaluate oral motor functions in a population of 257 community-dwelling males and females ranging in age from 23-88 yr. An increased prevalence of altered motor performance with age was found for parameters measuring lip posture and masticatory muscle function. Also, males, but not females, showed a higher(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the article is to present 8 new cases of metastatic tumors occurring in the jawbones, their clinical features , diagnostic workup and management. PATIENTS AND METHODS The records of 8 patients with metastatic jaw lesions were reviewed. Demographic data, presenting symptoms, primary tumor site, radiographic findings, bone(More)
Spindle-cell lipoma (SCL) is a variant of lipoma, usually presenting in the neck or trunk. SCL of the oral cavity is rare. Some cases of oral SCL have been reported; however, the clinico-pathologic characteristics of oral SCL are still unknown. Here we report on 2 cases and review 33 cases of oral SCL published in the literature. The patients were 23 men(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency analysis and evoked potentials (EPs) of 27 hyperactive children were examined to determine which, if any, of these electrophysiological parameters might be useful for the selection of those children likely to respond to stimulant medication. The children were treated with placebo, d-amphetamine, and l-amphetamine in(More)
Three hundred and twenty-two patients (192 male and 130 female) with cystic lesions of the jaw were successfully diagnosed and treated. One hundred and fifty-five (48%) were radicular cysts, 80 (25%) were dentigerous cysts, 23 (7%) were odontogenic keratocyst (=keratocystic odontogenic tumor), 19 (6%) were eruption cysts, 16 (5%) were traumatic bone cysts,(More)
The effectiveness of wound licking in the acceleration of wound healing was evaluated in selectively desalivated mice. Rate of healing of experimentally induced cutaneous wounds was evaluated macroscopically by photography at 0, 2, 4, and 6 days after wounding. Sialadenectomy of submandibular and sublingual glands significantly slowed down wound healing in(More)
Removal of third molars is the most common procedure in oral surgery. It may be associated with complications, such as sensory damage , dry socket, infection and iatrogenic damage. A case of mandibular angle fracture during third molar extraction in a 37-year-old female is reported. Literature review on the possible etiologies and ways of prevention were(More)
The interaction between Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) and the mucosal epithelial cells of its host is a prerequisite for pneumococcal disease development, yet the specificity of this interaction between different respiratory cells is not fully understood. In the present study, three areas were examined: i) The capability of the encapsulated S.(More)
Background. Ameloblastic fibroodontoma (AFO) is a rare mixed odontogenic tumor with epithelial and mesenchymal components. AFO presents as a painless swelling in the mandible or maxilla. Radiographs show a well-defined radiolucent area containing various amounts of radiopaque material of irregular size and form. The common treatment is enucleation. It is(More)