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Tissue restoration is the process whereby multiple damaged cell types are replaced to restore the histoarchitecture and function to the tissue. Several theories, have been proposed to explain the phenomenon of tissue restoration in amphibians and in animals belonging to higher order. These theories include dedifferentiation of damaged tissues,(More)
This report reviews three categories of precursor cells present within adults. The first category of precursor cell, the epiblast-like stem cell, has the potential of forming cells from all three embryonic germ layer lineages, e.g., ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. The second category of precursor cell, the germ layer lineage stem cell, consists of three(More)
New measurements of neutron-capture elements are presented for two very metal-poor stars ((Fe/H] ?3). One (LP 625-44) has an s-process signature believed to be due to mass transfer from a now-extinct metal-poor AGB companion, and the second (CS 22897-008) is one of a number of very metal-poor stars having high Sr/Ba] ratios which is not expected from the(More)
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