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The SH3 domain-containing protein Bem1p is needed for normal bud emergence and mating projection formation, two processes that require asymmetric reorganizations of the cortical cytoskeleton in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. To identify proteins that functionally and/or physically interact with Bem1p, we screened for mutations that display synthetic lethality(More)
The src homology region 3 (SH3) domain-bearing protein Bem1p and the Rho-type GTPase Cdc42p are important for bud emergence in Saccharomyces cervisiae. Here, we present evidence that through its second SH3 domain, Bem1p binds to the structurally and functionally similar proteins Boi1p and Boi2p, each of which contain an SH3 and pleckstrin homology (PH)(More)
— Software development managers recognize that project teams need to be developed and managed. Although technical skills are necessary, non-technical (NT) skills are equally necessary for project success. There are several tools that assist in measuring the effectiveness of the technical skills that teams use to perform projects, but there are no proven(More)
Team work is the norm in major development projects and industry is continually striving to improve team effectiveness. Researchers have established that teams with high levels of social sensitivity tend to perform well when completing a variety of specific collaborative tasks. Social sensitivity is the personal ability to perceive, understand, and respect(More)
Teamwork is essential in industry and a university is an excellent place to assess which skills are important and for students to practice those skills. A positive teamwork experience can also improve student learning outcomes. Prior research has established that teams with high levels of social sensitivity tend to perform well when completing a variety of(More)
—A controlled study was conducted to evaluate the potential benefits of a social networking tool for collaboration within teams while carrying out a major course project. The study involved thirty-one teams that carried out term projects in a Social Implications of Computers course. The work of each team required social and ethical analyses that pertain to(More)
Enrollments in CS have been climbing dramatically in recent years at large schools, especially those in the top-tier for CS. This type of growth is part of the normal cycle for CS and is expected anytime that the public perceives that the job market for computing related fields is strong. It is unclear how much of this growth is currently seen on other(More)
A program of psychiatric nursing consultation was established at a large university medical center in response to requests from nonpsychiatric nurses; they generally felt that patient evaluations provided by the psychiatry liaison service did not have specific application to nursing care. The program is operated by two part-time coordinators who train and(More)
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