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Sulfonate and sulfonate-glutamic acid sulfamide polystyrene derivatives were prepared. Fractions of definite grain size were isolated and studied. These insoluble materials possess anticoagulant activity when suspended in plasma. This biologic property is heparin-like and of the same order of magnitude as that of heparin covalently bonded to polymeric(More)
Heparin-like insoluble materials were prepared by reacting different α-amino acids with cross-linked chlorosulfonated polystyrene. The amount of thrombin inactivated by these resins, when suspended in plasma, is linearly dependent upon the polymer content for all the materials studied and upon the thrombin concentrations examined. The anticoagulant potency(More)
We develop statistical models and maximum likelihood methods for estimating bowhead whale population size from photo-identiication data. We test them on simulated data, and on actual data from 1985 and 1986 photographic studies. We begin with a multinomial model that accounts for unmarked whales. Variance is estimated using the parametric bootstrap. In the(More)
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