Lisa B Markman

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The authors describe various parenting behaviors, such as nurturance, discipline, teaching, and language use, and explain how researchers measure them. They note racial and ethnic variations in several behaviors. Most striking are differences in language use. Black and Hispanic mothers talk less with their young children than do white mothers and are less(More)
To evaluate the role of perinatal transmission in the spread of hepatitis C virus (HCV), we screened a cohort of pregnant intravenous drug using (IVDU) women for HCV antibody detection; where seropositive HCV RNA detection by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was found we followed the infants longitudinally for HCV antibody and HCV RNA. Serum prevalence for(More)
Fifteen years ago, Open Airways for Schools (OAS) was found to be an effective asthma education program for elementary school children when taught by professionals. To determine whether OAS is effective when taught by college students and whether it could withstand potential cohort effects, 54 inner-city fourth and fifth graders were taught OAS. Paired(More)
Retinal hemorrhage is a well-recognized manifestation of child abuse found in many babies with shaken baby syndrome. The presence of retinal hemorrhage is generally associated with more severe neurological damage and a worse clinical outcome. MR imaging findings of retinal hemorrhages are not well described in the pediatric literature. We present a(More)
OBJECTIVES Progression of an incomplete atypical femoral fracture (IF) to a complete fracture in patients on long term bisphosphonate (BP) therapy can be catastrophic. We aimed to determine the frequency and imaging features of IF in asymptomatic patients on long-term BP therapy and to identify distinguishing clinical and laboratory markers in the subset of(More)
We thank Jean Grossman, Rel Lavizzo-Mourey, and Rebecca Maynard for helpful suggestions, and the many dedicated principals, teachers and staff of the school district who implemented the Fast For Word Programs, provided data, and answered endless questions. We also thank Corinne Dretto, Sandy Ford, Suandra Hayward, Kathleen Hocker, and Steve Miller of the(More)
A prospective study of patients with severe preeclampsia managed by magnesium sulphate infusion for eclampsia prophylaxis, hydralazine infusion for vasodilatation and central venous catheterization for fluid monitoring is reported. In this preliminary report of 46 patients, there was no episode of eclampsia following treatment, no maternal death, and(More)
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