Lisa Anne Hawkins

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We have found that, in the peritoneums of normal adult mice, 5-15% of lymphocytes bind a fluorescent liposome probe. In ontogeny, cells with this specificity were shown to appear by 8 d after birth, and increase to the adult frequency by 2-3 wk. Some older mice contain an expanded population of these cells. We have shown that liposome binding occurs by cell(More)
Fifty-two patients with suspected or known adrenal disorders have been studied with 75Se selenomethyl cholesterol using a rectilinear scanner or gamma camera computer system. Radiation dosimetry was estimated from the blood clearance and whole body retention of 75Se selenomethyl cholesterol. A method of quantitation of adrenal uptake is described, use of(More)
A Phase I study in 12 patients with renal disorders compared the simultaneous clearances of 99mTc-labeled mercaptoacetyltriglycine (MAG3) and 131I-labeled orthoiodohippurate (OIH). The ratio of MAG3 to OIH clearance was 0.61 +/- 0.08 as a result of its smaller volume of distribution, ratio 0.65 +/- 0.09, for the clearance half-lives were similar, ratio 1.09(More)
Monoclonal antibodies to epithelial-cell antigenic determinants, labelled with 123I and 125I, were administered parenterally to immunodeficient mice bearing human tumours derived from a human cancer cell line. Anterior, posterior and lateral radioscans of the body were taken with a gamma scintillation camera at various times from immediately to 65 days(More)
To assess the relation of hyperaldosteronism and potassium depletion to the intensity of diuretic therapy we have measured plasma aldosterone by radioimmunoassay and total exchangeable potassium by radioisotope dilution in 24 patients when they were stable at the end of their preparation for cardiac operation. Some patients required intensive frusemide(More)
Exchangeable sodium and potassium, total body water, and sulphate space were measured in 42 patients with severe valvular heart disease who were free of oedema. Compared with normal subjects of the same height, no increase in exchangeable sodium was found but a mean potassium depletion of 27% was shown. This depletion was not related to diuretic therapy,(More)
To identify biochemical predictors for future development of hirsutism and/or oligomenorrhea (H/O) in girls with premature adrenarche (PA), we performed dexamethasone-suppressed ACTH stimulation tests in girls with PA (n = 46), young women (n = 44) with H/O, and adult women (n = 31). Cortisol, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone, and(More)