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—This paper presents an evolutionary approach to the sensor management of a biometric security system that improves robustness. Multiple biometrics are fused at the decision level to support a system that can meet more challenging and varying accuracy requirements as well as address user needs such as ease of use and universality better than a single(More)
—A new particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm that is more effective for discrete, multi-valued optimization problems is presented. The new algorithm is probabilistically driven since it uses probabilistic transition rules to move from one discrete value to another in the search for an optimum solution. Properties of the binary discrete particle swarms(More)
This paper presents a modification of the particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) intended t o c o mbat t h e problem of premature convergence observed in many applications of PSO. In the new algorithm, each particle is attracted towards the best previous positions visited by its neighbors, in addition to the other aspects of particle dynamics in PSO.(More)
—This paper proposes to use Contourlet transform for image compression and feature extraction for wireless face recognition system. The properties of face images and face recognition techniques are incorporated into the design of wireless transmission for such a system. The reasons for utilizing contourlet transform are two-folded. Firstly, in face(More)
Both experimental and theoretical studies have prove that classifier fusion can be effective in improving overall classification performance. Classifier fusion can be performed on either score (raw classifier outputs) level or decision level. While tremendous research interests have been on score-level fusion, research work for decision-level fusion is(More)
The focus of this paper is on designing decision-level fusion strategies for correlated biometric classifiers. In this regard, two different strategies are investigated. In the first strategy, an optimal fusion rule based on the likelihood ratio test (LRT) and the Chair Varshney Rule (CVR) is discussed for correlated hypothesis testing where the thresholds(More)