Lisa A. Scepkowski

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The clinical characteristics and neuroanatomical damage reported in more than 50 published cases of observed "alien-hand" signs are reviewed. The terms alien-hand sign and alien-hand syndrome describe phenomena experienced by patients in which an upper limb performs complex motor activities outside of volitional control. The categories of frontal and(More)
The recent psychopathology literature suggests that individuals with social phobia overestimate social standards and are deficient in setting and attaining social goals, have a negative perception of themselves as social objects and show heightened self-focused attention when confronted with social threat. They further overestimate the potential cost of a(More)
This study investigated the attributional styles of men with and without sexual dysfunction for both positive and negative sexual and general events using a sex-specific version of the Attributional Style Questionnaire (Sex-ASQ), and ascertained the preliminary psychometric properties of the measure. The Sex-ASQ was created by embedding 8 hypothetical(More)
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