Lisa A Liberatore

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Jet ventilation for microsurgery of the larynx has been in common use at our institution since 1978. There were 942 cases performed, with ages ranging from 7 days to 90 years. A specially modified laryngoscope with multiple ports into which a 14- or 16-gauge ventilation needle can be advanced just distal to the vocal cords simplifies this form of anesthesia(More)
Graves' orbitopathy can lead to cosmetic deformity, orbital pain, and visual impairment. Surgical intervention can improve proptosis, cosmetic appearance of the eyelids, vision, and orbital pain with minimal morbidity. Ten patients with dysthyroid orbitopathy underwent concurrent bilateral orbital decompressions. Of these, 9 underwent simultaneous bilateral(More)
OBJECTIVE It is unclear whether all snoring patients require polysomnography, and there are no highly sensitive clinical predictors of sleep apnea. Our objective was to develop a simple clinical screening test for OSA in snoring patients. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, IRB-approved study at a university sleep disorders center. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In 211(More)
Fifty-two patients who had otitis media with effusion associated with head and neck malignancies were identified and studied retrospectively. Forty-three of the patients underwent myringotomy and tube for treatment of the effusion. Ten (23%) of the 43 patients had either multiple infections or continuous otorrhea necessitating tube removal. The patients(More)
Epidermal inclusion cyst (EIC) is a recognized cause of an anterior neck mass in children. Controversy exists as to the proper surgical management of an anterior neck EIC: is simple excision adequate treatment, or is a Sistrunk procedure necessary? A retrospective review of the operative logs of the two senior authors (M.M.A., R.F.W.) from 1993 to the(More)
BACKGROUND Ensuring reliable gastrointestinal drug absorption of orally administered immunosuppressive medications posttransplant is critical to ensuring graft survival. METHODS A 66-year-old man of East Asian origin with a previous total gastrectomy was evaluated for living donor kidney transplantation. Pretransplant pharmacokinetic testing was performed(More)
The diagnosis of bleeding of gastrointestinal low tract is still a very controversial subject. At the Service of Digestive Endoscopy of Popoli (PE) Hospital, in a period of 4 years, 2074 colonoscopies have been effected. In 640 cases, that is 30.8%, the indication for the exam was suggested by rectal bleeding. In the 566 patients examined for minor rectal(More)
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