Lisa A Jacobs

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Anthropogenic CO(2) is reducing the pH and altering the carbonate chemistry of seawater, with repercussions for marine organisms and ecosystems. Current research suggests that calcification will decrease in many species, but compelling evidence of impaired functional performance of calcium carbonate structures is sparse, particularly in key species. Here we(More)
Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common cause of tubal infertility. The pregnancy outcomes in 161 patients who underwent primary microsurgical tuboplasty for postinflammatory tubal disease at the Mayo Clinic from 1977 through 1981 were evaluated. The outcome (3-year rate) was evaluated for each category of microsurgical procedures. The proximal anastomosis(More)
Patients with squamous cell carcinoma adherent to the carotid artery have a very poor prognosis, but some can be salvaged by aggressive surgical resection. Preoperative four vessel arteriography with intracranial views is mandatory to detect coexisting arteriosclerotic disease which may limit collateral perfusion of the ipsilateral cerebral hemisphere.(More)
Additional details of a multicenter study of nafarelin acetate with particular attention to a unique endometriosis scoring system utilized are reviewed. Additional information regarding the relapse of symptoms of 10 patients treated with nafarelin and danazol during a 6- to 12-month follow-up interval is described. Transient decreases in leukocytes(More)