Lisa A. Dick

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Although there is evidence of widespread distribution of organic fluorochemicals such as perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoate, in the environment, the versatility of these compounds in industrial and commercial applications complicates characterization of pathways into the environment. A solid-phase extraction method coupled with(More)
The pathologies in proximal femora of broilers with lameness attributed to disorders of the proximal femur, including so-called 'femoral head necrosis', are described. Samples were collected from a variety of flocks, farms and production systems. Ten 'normal' broilers were also examined. Birds were identified by a characteristic lameness whereby they used a(More)
The distance and orientation dependence of the heterogeneous electron-transfer reaction between ferrocytochrome c (Fe2+Cc) and a silver film over nanosphere (AgFON) electrode is examined in detail using electrochemical surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy (SERRS) as a molecularly specific and structurally sensitive probe. The distance between the(More)
1. Large White male turkeys from a heavy commercial male-line were fed 16 diets containing 4 concentrations of calcium (6, 10, 14 and 18 g/kg) and available phosphorus (3, 5, 7 and 9 g/kg) in a 4 x 4 factorial experiment. There were three replicates (pens) of each treatment and the skeletal health, morphology and mineral status of 4 turkeys from each pen(More)
The haematology and histopathology of seven-week-old broilers were examined after periods of early food restriction, for six, 10 or 14 days from six days old. After several weeks on an ad libitum diet the birds failed to compensate for the weight lost during early food restriction. Immediately after the periods of food restriction, the birds demonstrated(More)
The study attempted to induce cartilaginous and osseous nodules in the lungs of young broilers by providing them with inadequate ventilation. In experimental birds there were more nodules than in two groups of control birds, with significantly more occurring in the left lung than in the right. A majority of the nodules were fibrous. Histologically, the(More)
Lameness and musculoskeletal disease were more frequent in two strains of broilers (selected [S] and relaxed [R]) than in an unselected layer (J). Defective fibrocartilage accounted for 0.15 of the total area of antitrochanteric cartilage at 29 weeks of age in the S-strain birds. There was more retained hyaline cartilage in the R- and S-strain birds at 15(More)