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Given the proliferation of training transfer studies in various disciplines, we provide an integrative and analytical review of factors impacting transfer of training. Relevant empirical research for transfer across the management, human resource development (HRD), training, adult learning, performance improvement, and psychology literatures is integrated(More)
The authors hypothesized that the relationship between conscientiousness and job performance would be stronger for persons high in agreeableness than for those low in agreeableness. Results of hierarchical moderated regression analyses for 7 independent samples of employees across diverse occupations provided support for the hypothesis in 5 of the samples.(More)
The aims of the present study were to compare (1) Holstein-Friesian heifers versus early postpartum lactating cows, and (2) different age categories of crossbred beef heifers versus cows, in terms of oocyte yield, morphological quality and developmental competence. Four experiments were designed to test the associated hypotheses. In Experiment 1, ovum pick(More)
The release of mine effluents can have a damaging impact on receiving water bodies. Therefore, treatment of mine waters before discharge is imperative. A novel biological SO²⁻₄ removal technology has been developed whereby the degradation/fermentation products of grass cellulose, volatile fatty acids (VFA), function as the electron donors and SO²⁻₄ as the(More)
BACKGROUND The Children Service Interview was designed as a brief measure of service use related to mental health problems in Great Britain. METHOD We validated the Children's Services Interview against medical records from a sample of 87 children, and assessed test-retest reliability from 25 parents completing two interviews. We examined criterion(More)
OBJECTIVE In Early Onset Schizophrenia (EOS; onset before the 18th birthday) late brain maturational changes may interact with disease mechanisms leading to a wave of back to front structural changes during adolescence. To further explore this effect we examined the relationship between age of onset and duration of illness on brain morphology in adolescents(More)
OBJECTIVE Adult-onset schizophrenia has repeatedly been associated with disturbances in the temporal lobes and alterations in cortical folding, which are thought to reflect neurodevelopmental impairment. Early-onset schizophrenia (EOS; onset before 18 years) is considered to involve even more pronounced neurodevelopmental deviance across a wide range of(More)
Recent advances in social cognitive neuroscience and related fields have rejuvenated scholarly research into intuition. This article considers the implications of these developments for understanding managerial and organizational decision making. Over the past two decades, researchers have made considerable progress in distinguishing intuition from(More)