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BACKGROUND Increasing recognition of the failure to translate research findings into practice has led to greater awareness of the importance of using active dissemination and implementation strategies. Although there is a growing body of research evidence about the effectiveness of different strategies, this is not easily accessible to policy makers and(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop valid and reliable instruments to assess the methodologic quality and clinical relevance of drug studies. DESIGN We developed an instrument to assess the methodologic quality of articles reporting clinical research and an instrument to measure nonmethodologic measures of quality, such as clinical relevance, generalizability, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether funding of drug studies by the pharmaceutical industry is associated with outcomes that are favourable to the funder and whether the methods of trials funded by pharmaceutical companies differ from the methods in trials with other sources of support. METHODS Medline (January 1966 to December 2002) and Embase (January 1980(More)
BACKGROUND The news media are an important source of information about new medical treatments, but there is concern that some coverage may be inaccurate and overly enthusiastic. METHODS We studied coverage by U.S. news media of the benefits and risks of three medications that are used to prevent major diseases. The medications were pravastatin, a(More)
BACKGROUND Results from animal toxicology studies are critical to evaluating the potential harm from exposure to environmental chemicals or the safety of drugs prior to human testing. However, there is significant debate about how to evaluate the methodology and potential biases of the animal studies. There is no agreed-upon approach, and a systematic(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years pharmacists' roles have expanded from packaging and dispensing medications to working with other health care professionals and the public. OBJECTIVES To examine the effect of expanding outpatient pharmacists' roles on health services utilisation, costs, and patient outcomes. SEARCH STRATEGY We searched the Cochrane Effective(More)
BACKGROUND Internal documents from the pharmaceutical industry provide a unique window for understanding the structure and methods of pharmaceutical promotion. Such documents have become available through litigation concerning the promotion of gabapentin (Neurontin, Pfizer, Inc., New York, New York) for off-label uses. PURPOSE To describe how gabapentin(More)