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A thermostable extracellular glucoamylase from the thermophilic fungus Humicola grisea was purified to homogeneity. Its molecular mass and isoelectric point were 74 kDa and 8.4, respectively. The enzyme contained 5% carbohydrate, showed maximal activities at pH 6.0 and 60(deg)C, and was stable at 55(deg)C and pH 6.0 for 2 h. The K(infm) of soluble starch(More)
OBJECTIVE In vivo differentiation of cardiac myocytes is associated with downregulation of the glucose transporter isoform GLUT1 and upregulation of the isoform GLUT4. Adult rat cardiomyocytes in primary culture undergo spontaneous dedifferentiation, followed by spreading and partial redifferentiation, which can be influenced by growth factors. We used this(More)
Sufficient expression of the insulin–sensitive glucose transporter GLUT4 may be crucial for the survival of cardiac myocytes in situations of stress. Expression of GLUT4 in cardiac myocytes correlates with cell differentiation and is reduced in the hypertrophied and failing myocardium. Adult rat cardiomyocytes (ARC) in primary culture undergo(More)
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