Lirong Liu

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We introduce Glassified, a modified ruler with a transparent display to supplement physical strokes made on paper with virtual graphics. Because the display is transparent, both the physical strokes and the virtual graphics are visible in the same plane. A digitizer captures the pen strokes in order to update the graphical overlay, fusing the traditional(More)
Transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) signaling has been shown to play a critical role in the development of diabetic nephropathy (DN). The nuclear transcription co-repressor Ski-related novel protein N (SnoN) is an important negative regulator of TGF-β1/Smad signal transduction, and subsequent biological responses including tubule epithelial-mesenchymal(More)
When a firm is regulated under multiple environmental programs, its compliance behavior under these programs can be complementary or substituting—regulations of one program either increase or decrease firm compliance with other programs. This paper examines the existence and the nature of such cross program effects. A panel data model with panel corrected(More)
A PC-based software was developed and programmed with VC++6 for reconstructing MR images from the data acquired on an irregular k-space trajectory. It can read clinical MRI raw data and image data, create numerical phantoms, design k-space trajectories, generate k-space data from numerical phantom, calculate weighting functions, reconstruct images, and(More)
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