Liron Yedidsion

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Wireless sensor networks represent a new generation of real time traffic communications and high data rate sensor applications, such as structural health monitoring and control. We study some problems related to data gathering in sensor networks when the information that the sensors collect about their environment must be delivered to a collecting central(More)
Single machine scheduling problems have been extensively studied in the literature under the assumption that all jobs have to be processed. However, in many practical cases, one may wish to reject the processing of some jobs in the shop, thus resulting in a rejection cost. In such a framework, the scheduler has to decide …rst which jobs will be rejected and(More)
Control limits in use at metrology stations are traditionally set by yield requirements. Since excursions from these limits usually trigger machine stoppage, the monitor design has a direct impact on the station's availability, and thus on the product cycle time (CT). In this work we lay the foundation for a bi-criteria trade-off formulation between(More)
Immobilized metal affi nity chromatography (IMAC) is the most frequently used method for the separation and purifi cation of histidine-tagged (His-tagged) proteins. [ 1 ] In this technique, the high affi nity of metal ions, such as nickel or copper, to a tag sequence of the protein of interest creates strong, yet reversible binding. [ 2 ] A major limitation(More)