Liron I. Allerhand

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Sufficient conditions are given for the stability of linear switched systems with dwell time and with polytopic type parameter uncertainty. A Lyapunov function, in quadratic form, which is non-increasing at the switching instants is assigned to each subsystem. During the dwell time, this function varies piecewise linearly in time after switching occurs. It(More)
A state-dependent switching law that obeys a dwell time constraint and guarantees the stability of a switched linear system is designed. Sufficient conditions are obtained for the stability of the switched systems when the switching law is applied in presence of polytopic type parameter uncertainty. A Lyapunov function, in quadratic form, is assigned to(More)
The standard approach to the problem of controlling linear systems with large parameter uncertainty is to seek a controller that stabilizes the system and achieves a required performance over the whole polytope of uncertainty. In the case where the latter polytope is large, the design may become very conservative. We present an alternative approach where(More)
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This paper addresses the stability, as well as an upper bound on the &#x2113;<sub>2</sub>-gain of linear switched state-multiplicative stochastic systems. The switching law is assumed to obey a dwell time constraint. The results are achieved by assigning each subsystem its own Lyapunov function. The Lyapunov function is time varying during the dwell time(More)
Non-minimum phase systems pose a challenge in the design of MRAC. While some methods that can handle non-minimum phase systems are available in the literature, it is not always easy to guarantee tracking performance with these methods. This paper offers a partial solution to this problem. The method of generating an augmented plant by adding some dynamics(More)
The problem of robust H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> control of uncertain linear switched system with dwell time is addressed. A Lyapunov function in a quadratic form, which is non-increasing at the switching instances, is assigned to each subsystem. This function is used to determine the stability and the L<inf>2</inf> -gain of the switched system, where a bounded(More)
A new method for fault tolerant control is presented. The fault is considered as switching in the system dynamics and a switching based approach is thus adopted for the fault tolerant control of the system. This approach can be used to model multiplicative faults, such as actuator and sensor faults, as well as component faults. It is applied to passive(More)