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Empirical mode decomposition is introduced into Fourier transform profilometry to extract the zero spectrum included in the deformed fringe pattern without the need for capturing two fringe patterns with pi phase difference. The fringe pattern is subsequently demodulated using a standard Fourier transform profilometry algorithm. With this method, the(More)
Both the analysis of phase errors which occur at the abrupt discontinuities in phase measuring profilometry (PMP) and the identification method are presented in this paper. The sampling effect of CCD will cause a dilution of accuracy in PMP, especially at abrupt discontinuities on the object surface. The existing methods cannot efficiently identify the(More)
This paper presents a method for camera calibration based on the orthogonal vanishing point calibration using concentric circles grating and wedge grating. This method, which we believe is new, uses the high-precision characteristics of phase extraction to obtain the feature points, thus decreasing the calibration errors caused by the traditional marker(More)
We present a detailed discussion of how modulation measurement profilometry (MMP) is applied to measuring an object that has holes on its surface. MMP is not based on the conventional three-dimensional profilometry method with structured light triangulation but on modulation measurements; it has the advantage of measuring the surface of a test object by(More)
Congenital dysfibrinogenemia (CD) is a qualitative fibrinogen disorder caused by an abnormal fibrinogen molecule structure, leading to dysfunctional blood coagulation. This study describes 3 cases of dysfibrinogenemia identified in the unrelated Chinese pedigrees.Routine coagulation screening tests were performed on the probands and their families. The(More)
Large image reconstruction using a factor of 5 smaller hologram is realized with an optical system which consists of two Fresnel lenses and one common lens. The secondary Fresnel lens also serves as a projection screen. Furthermore, using the same optical system, a true color hologram is achieved by using three primary color lasers. Reconstruction is by the(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, the significance of fibrinogen concentration assessed by a combination of Clauss and prothrombin time (PT)-derived methods for screening for congenital dysfibrinogenemia were investigated, and the screening efficiency of fibrinogen PT-derived/Clauss ratio on congenital dysfibrinogenemia was analyzed. METHODS We compared(More)
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