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Ligand-dependent corepressor LCoR was identified as a protein that interacts with the estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) ligand binding domain in a hormone-dependent manner. LCoR also interacts directly with histone deacetylase 3 (HDAC3) and HDAC6. Notably, HDAC6 has emerged as a marker of breast cancer prognosis. However, although HDAC3 is nuclear, HDAC6 is(More)
This paper presents the design, architecture and implementation of a general parallel computing platform, termed PGO, based on the Genetic Algorithm for global optimization. PGO provides an efficient and easy-to-use framework for parallelizing the global optimization procedure for general scientific modeling and simulation processes. Along with a core(More)
A total of eight loci for autosomal dominant hereditary spastic paraplegia (ADHSP) has been mapped to chromosome 14q, 2p, 15q, 8q, 10q, 12q, 19q, 2q, respectively, among which the SPG4 gene on chromosome 2p21-22 encoding spastin, an ATPase of the AAA family, accounts for 40-50% of all ADHSP families and is expressed in both adult and fetal tissues. In this(More)
Finite element method (FEM)-based scientific numerical simulations are often computing-extensive and grid platform can speed up the simulation progress significantly. However, the coupling of FEM-based simulation tasks with grid platform isn't so straightforward. Adopting the service-oriented architecture (SOA), we develop a general service-oriented grid(More)
Serine carboxypeptidase (SCP) is one of the largest groups of enzymes catalyzing proteolysis for functional protein maturation. To date, little is known about the function of SCPs in rice. In this study, we present a comprehensive analysis of the gene structure and expression profile of 59 rice SCPs. SCP46 is dominantly expressed in developing seeds,(More)
The development of two-line hybrid rice has done great contribution to the food security. It is imperative to study the male sterility mechanism of rice photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterile (PTGMS) line which is the core component of two-line hybrid rice. Zhu1S is a rice thermo-sensitive genic male sterile line used frequently as female parent in(More)
Protein phosphorylation is an important posttranslational modification that regulates various plant developmental processes. Here, we report a comprehensive, quantitative phosphoproteomic profile of six rice tissues, including callus, leaf, root, shoot meristem, young panicle and mature panicle from Nipponbare by employing a mass spectrometry (MS)-based,(More)
We demonstrate a methodology using a laser-assisted scanning probe nanolithography (LASPN) technique to generate organized nanostructures. Experimental approach combined with finite element analysis was utilized to study the interfacial interactions between a gold-coated probe of an atomic force microscope and a single crystal silicon substrate. Research(More)
We propose a novel parallel computing framework for a nonlinear finite element method (FEM)-based cell model and apply it to simulate avascular tumor growth. We derive computation formulas to simplify the simulation and design the basic algorithms. With the increment of the proliferation generations of tumor cells, the FEM elements may become larger and(More)
In the light of the formation mechanism of early cracks of a batch of precast reinforced concrete hollow slab members of four certain bridges in construction whose midspan appears transverse cracks, investigation ranging from method of construction to distribution of cracks are conducted in situ. The possibility of the occurrence of cracks is discussed in(More)