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A centimeter-scale robotic fish is proposed and realized in this paper. The robotic fish mimics a type of small crucian. Its swimming pattern of cruise-straight, cruise-in-turning, burst and coast are realized respectively. The remote control function is realized at the base of an infrared sensor. An IPMC actuator and two pieces of PVC film construct a(More)
Manipulator is the most important part for underwater flexible robot manipulation, and the grasping and manipulating capability is an important indication for intelligent robot. But current generation underwater robots generally employ the claw-like end effectors without sensing or controlling of the contact forces, which is simple and easy to control, but(More)
A control scheme of ANN-based PID controller is developed here to reach high precision tracking control for an electro-hydraulic servo system. The PID controller is used as a feedback controller to guarantee the system stability. The cerebellar model articulation controller (CMAC) neural network is used as a feed-forward compensator to identify the inverse(More)
In sagittal plane, 8-link model of biped with toe-joint is established and predigested into inverted pendulum. Inverse kinematics of single leg is analyzed, and Lagrange locomotion equation is established. The barycenter point motion track in space is presented and the effect of the gait with toe-joint in single leg supporting phase is analyzed by(More)
Diamond wire saw mainly used in stone exploiting and processing, it is also for maintenance and demolish of seabed components and other special fields along with the development of relative technology. Seabed pipeline is a very important device which for offshore oil and gas field's exploit, produce and convey. Seabed pipeline damage occur one after another(More)
With the continuous development of ocean resource, detection and action of human in the seabed will be frequent. Underwater mating technology is a key technology for the transfer of people who live in the submarine and the supply of necessary goods. In this paper a novel underwater intelligent mating device with articulated skirt is designed. Mechanical(More)
After analyzing the motion mechanism of human ankle, a new type of two DOF parallel ankle joint mechanism for a biped robot is designed in this paper. The parameterized model of the mechanism was established, of which the kinematic and dynamic analysis are also given. According to the dynamic characteristics of the ankle joint during walking, we optimize(More)
The dynamics is very important for the simulation and feedback-control design of the underwater-multi-fingered robot hand. But the dynamic of underwater-multi-fingered robot hand with many degrees of freedom is much more complicated if hydrodynamic terms are precisely treated, so the finger dynamics of underwater multi-fingered robot hand are analysed in(More)
"Dragon of Puncturing Mud" robot is a special kind of robot which integrates equipment briefness and manipulating facility of impacting mole in trenchless technology, and high reliability, better aptitude and strong self applicability of robot designing - greatly increasing trenchless technology level. The robot is mainly made up of three parts including(More)
We inspected low-intensity venous signals and microbleeds in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) using susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) before and after administration of within-thrombolytic-time-window thrombolytic therapies, and observed their prognosis and safety, in order to guide individualized thrombolytic therapies. Patients with AIS were(More)