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Qinghai Province in northwest China is strongly influenced by agricultural activities and is an important source of food and drinking water. Here, we present findings regarding the occurrence and molecular epidemiology of Cryptosporidium and Giardia species based on a large-scale investigation of areas of Qinghai Province. The diagnosis and molecular(More)
Various species of amoebas belonging to the genus Acanthamoeba are widely distributed in many parts of the world. Some strains of these protozoans may exist as parasites and pose risks to human health as causative agents of serious human diseases. Currently in China there is a lack of information about the distribution of Acanthamoeba strains in the(More)
A protein disulfide isomerase of Neospora caninum (NcPDI) with a molecular weight of 50kDa was identified in tachyzoite lysate and excretory-secretory (ES) products. The IgA antibody in 58.0% of the individual cattle tear samples recognized the NcPDI, which suggests that the PDI-specific antibody may be involved in defense against parasites. In addition,(More)
A cDNA expression library of Babesia gibsoni was screened with the serum collected from a dog experimentally infected with B. gibsoni. A novel antigen sharing homology with secreted antigen 1 of B. gibsoni was isolated. The genomic analysis indicated that the BgSA3 gene exists as multicopies in the genome of B. gibsoni. The putative peptide encoded by the(More)
CONTEXT The autopsy rate gradually decreased during 1950-1999, and increased during the most recent decade (2000-2009). The diagnostic inaccuracy rate was continuously high during the 60 years. OBJECTIVE To investigate disagreement between the pathological and clinical diagnosis during 60 years (1950-2009). DATA SOURCES A 60-year retrospective study was(More)
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