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The traditional financial time series forecasting methods use accurate input data for prediction, and then make single-step or multi-step prediction based on the established regression model. So its prediction result is one or more specific values. But because of the complexity of financial markets, the traditional forecasting methods are less reliable. In(More)
This paper describes our work in the Simplified Chinese opinion analysis tasks in NTCIR-8. In the task of detecting opinioned sentences, various sentiment lexicons are used, including opinion indicators, opinion operators, degree adverbs and opinion words. The linear SVM model is selected as the main classifier, and four groups of features are extracted(More)
A novel multifocus color image fusion algorithm based on the quaternion wavelet transform (QWT) is proposed in this paper, aiming at solving the image blur problem. The proposed method uses a multiresolution analysis procedure based on the quaternion wavelet transform. The performance of the proposed fusion scheme is assessed by some experiments, and the(More)
Opinion retrieval is the task of finding documents that express an opinion about a given query. A key challenge in opinion retrieval is to capture the query-related opinion score of a document. Existing methods rely mainly on the proximity information between the opinion terms and the query terms to address the key challenge. In this study, we propose to(More)
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