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OBJECTIVE In an effort to minimize transfusions in patients undergoing elective coronary artery bypass grafting operations after recent clopidogrel exposure, we studied laboratory tests predictive of platelet dysfunction and used a strict algorithm-driven treatment of bleeding. METHODS Forty-five patients receiving clopidogrel within 6 days of the(More)
We introduce a new numerical abstract domain, so-called interval polyhedra (itvPol), to infer and propagate interval linear constraints over program variables. itvPol, which allows to represent constraints of the form ∑ k[ak, bk]xk ≤ c, is more expressive than the classic convex polyhedra domain and allows to express certain non-convex (even unconnected)(More)
Embedded software often involves intensive numerical computations and suffers from a number of runtime errors. The technique of numerical static analysis is of practical importance for checking the correctness of embedded software. However, most of the existing approaches of numerical static analysis consider sequential programs, while interrupts are a(More)
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) involve deep interactions between computation cores, communication networks, and physical environments. These systems are inherently complex and highly nondeterministic. This makes the traditional formal verification technology impractical to verify the complete system behavior, and testing alone is insufficient to guarantee(More)
We introduce a new abstract domain, namely the domain of Interval Linear Equalities (itvLinEqs), which generalizes the affine equality domain with interval coefficients by leveraging results from interval linear algebra. The representation of itvLinEqs is based on a row echelon system of interval linear equalities, which natively allows expressing classical(More)
In Cyber-Physical Systems with interrupt mechanism, interrupts may cause unexpected interleaving executions and even wrong execution results. A kind of frequently occurred errors are caused by data race. We present an approach under the framework of bounded model checking (BMC) to detect data race for interrupt driven programs. The key idea is to(More)
OBJECTIVE Protective ventilation (PV) has been validated in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. However, the effect of PV in patients undergoing major surgery is controversial. The study aimed to explore the beneficial effect of PV on patients undergoing a major operation by systematic review and meta-analysis. SETTING Various levels of(More)
The octagon abstract domain, devoted to discovering octagonal constraints (also called Unit Two Variable Per Inequality or UTVPI constraints) of a program, is one of the most commonly used numerical abstractions in practice, due to its quadratic memory complexity and cubic time complexity. However, the octagon domain itself is restricted to express convex(More)