Lipismita Panigrahi

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Missing data are common occurrences and can have a significant effect on the conclusions that can be drawn from the data. In statistics, missing data or missing values occur when no data value is stored for the variable in the current observation. Due to missing value we are facing several problems like information loss for computation and analysis of data.(More)
Data sets contain very large amount of information, which is not an easy task for the users to scan the entire data set. The researcher's initial task is to formulate a realistic explanation for the use of sampling in his research. Sampling has been often suggested as an effective tool to reduce the size of the dataset operated at some cost to accuracy. It(More)
Automatic seed selection is an important and crucial step toward the boundary detection in ultrasound B-scan images. This paper focuses on a methodological framework that can automatically detect a seed point of an ultrasound image by using texture features. Based on the selected seeds of cluster the ultrasound images are segmented using active contour,(More)
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